Gottsu ee kanji special: King of Mario Kart

This is from the 90s, and is a special episode featuring Downtown having a Mario Kart competition. Who will be king of Mario Kart of the entertainment world? :D
Part 1:
Part 2:

(Hamada has an injured foot during the recording of this episode. I wonder what happened…)

[url=]MF download link[/url:1l6yyrcj]

Great!!! Is Mario Kart 64!! I thought it will be for the SNES because the video looks old :clap: :clap: Matsumoto said that he plays Mario Kart so fast, that Mario loses his hat!! :rofl: :rofl:

This was the 3rd game competition they had.

The first was Tetris and the second was Puyopuyo. The third was originally Bomberman but got changed to Mario Kart.

my god, dat Hamada’s hairdo

They should make this kind of competitions on Gaki no Tsukai! :)

Added mf download link to first post

Great!! Thanks pal. Btw, do you have the "Tetris" and "Puyopuyo"?? I would like to see that too :)

[quote="VideogameDC":tyqsffrl]They should make this kind of competitions on Gaki no Tsukai! :)[/quote:tyqsffrl]
Try & check the Retro Arcade Challenge series ;)

Right next to it, in the related videos section, you can check the Doctor Mario one… but this time the rules are slightly different. It’s everybody vs. Matsumoto, as Macchan will deal with each celeb one by one.

PS: Both Tetris and Doctor Mario are two videogames that Matsumoto says he’s really good at. You can find other challenges with those games in Heyx3

Is there another version of this videos from HeyHeyHey?