Greetings from the land of the rising sun

minasan, ohayo,

Anyone notice anything different about what it says under my post count?

It’s 4:30 am here in cold and rainy tokyo. I got up about an hour ago and have given up on going back to sleep. After staying up for 30 exhausting hours I could only manage about 4 hours of sleep, how weird…

Guess I’ll do some unpacking, maybe I’ll start a blog up later if it’s still dark out when I’m done settling in.
ja mata

Wish you luck. :) Ad your sleep: it’s the vibe of the city that can’t let you have a nap.

Any photos are appreciated. :)

I bought an HD flip just for that, well for videos actually. I got a few cool looking shots flying over siberia, but as for japan I only took a video of the ‘future train’ lol i took from the airport into the city. I was too busy hauling baggage around to the rental office and back to my apartment (which starting from the airport is a long ass trip, compounded by the fact that i was overwhelmed by tokyo’s metro system) to take more videos, I will when I’m out exploring today though.

just get situated. drink some saki and you’ll knock out! :D

Good luck over there and have fun Kyon. Wooow 30 hours is much.

Amg shh kyon, you’re making me jealous :clap:
Looking forward to hearing about your adventures stalking celebs around Tokyo :lol:
A tip about the metro system, you should try and getting a PASMO card, it will ease getting around.

Have fun! Try to head out to the owarai capital, Osaka! But don’t get caught up looking at the fake geisha on the street.

Niiiiice~ Keep us posted on what’s up over there haha.

What are you doing while over there if I may ask?

What about my picture of a lake with sakura trees around it? D:


if you want to see any sakura on those trees, you’re going to have to wait :P unless you don’t mind if the sakura look like pink crayon.

Saw the hachikou statue in shibuya today… videos to come later.

If it’s not too much of a round trip for you I recommend visiting Shinjuku and Odaiba. Especially Shinjuku, it will satisfy all your shopping needs.

Uwaaauuw Lucky!!! Haha oh man, when I was watching the video of your flight I was like “Hey…I totally have seen that!” I flew over Siberia and Alaska as well when flying to Shanghai! Such an incredible view O:

But yeah, I’m with everyone else on this one: I’m so jealous, have a good time, and continue keeping us posted :D!

wow, they have the best trains and stations in the world. :blink:.enjoy your stay in Japan! good luck kyon!

Kyon, I’ll think of you next time I have to wait for two hours for a damn slow train :D Enjoy your time in the land of the rising sun!

Damn, you lucky bastard :P

Good luck over there and wish you all the best!
Hope you’ll have a great time!

Hello there,

Well, finally there Kyon? Enjoy your stay… and don’t forget what I told you about jgirls lol :lol:

I’ve read somewhere out there on the Internet that the DVD version of the Hotelman batsu was out. Can you please, if you have the occasion and the time, check in a random shop in Shibuya or somewhere else if it’s true?

No need for me to tell you that if the answer is YES, you’ll have to buy it and upload it :clap:

Enjoy yourself :inlove:

PS: Don’t forget to take loads of 1280x1024 pics for us, we need brand new wallpapers lol

That’s kind of fast for a dvd release isn’t it? Oh well, I can’t really buy it anyways, I can’t fit it into my budget for another month or two. And also I didn’t bring a dvd drive, I brought a slim laptop that doesn’t have one attached and forgot the external one. Best I could do if I see it is to buy it for someone else and ship it…

I haven’t been taking any pics, but my vids are hd quality so just cap the video.

nvm, the dvd out is the newspaper one, my bad.