Hamada, angry at McDonalds

Hi again, I found this skit also on Megavideo:


It’s subtitled.

Can someone embed it? I can’t watch Megavideo without embedding

you can do it by yourself if you got the link like in the first post - look at this:


Thank you for showing me how! And thank you for being so fast! :inlove:

Thank you for this, i didn’t know it was subbed.

that was great. thanks.

I appreciate your effort in embedding that video. I am not also savvy with the process of doing it. I gained knowledge from you SpikeBender.

HAHA, this is too funny, thank you SpikeBender-san. :bow: :D

[quote="tokyoairen11":39ptoggl]HAHA, this is too funny, thank you SpikeBender-san. :bow: :D[/quote:39ptoggl]

yea that was a good one :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

‘bread bread meat bread!’ xD that was really fun thanks

LOL When I clicked on the video link, a huge red and yellow McDonalds ad popped up asking "What is your opinion on McDonalds?" with pictures of burgers and fries. I don’t have a strong opinion about the place either way but we all know that Hamada certainly does!

pan-niku-pan-pan! hahaha

OMG does anybody have this one to download? I was ROFLing XD

My Mediafire backup:


Thank you so much alfred :D :bow:

– 13.01.2012, 16:38 –

Hey everyone! I found a good quality video of this talk, so I made a little revision of the original translation and made the .ass file. I couldn’t give credit to the original translator because I don’t know who it was, but if you know, please do let me know.

I know like 0.01% of japanese, but I really enjoy subbing, so hopefully one day I’ll be able to help more than this :p… anyways, enjoy!