Hamada Artwork Website

Hello everyone, this is a website that showcases Hamada’s masterpieces. Enjoy

Regular link:

Translated Using Google Link:

haha, funny but cute.
thanks for sharing ^^

i think the most know about the page already since its listed on his wiki page.

True, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to put it on here anyway. Perhaps there are a couple of people who haven’t seen them.

I didn´t know about that page:O

I’m also backing up spikebender for the reason that this forum is a collection of data xD If all the people who visit this forum would know about that page we could stop posting all the youtube links;)

Sometimes I wonder if Onishi magically stole any artistic talent from Hamada while he was on the show. I mean my god, how can one person be so good while the other draws a child, a child with a broken arm.

A child with a blindfold and a broken arm? xD I think he would tell us he draws that way on purpose:)

Oh I pray that it’s on purpose. A grown man can’t draw that bad, its just sad. Matsumoto on the other hand is a great artist and could have been a mangaka if he went down that road when he was younger.