Hamada attacking ...?

hi… i was bored n i wanted to see gaki members biography… so i went to wikipedia n i found this on hamada’s bio


so i just want to know if there is a video of this

go watch hamada’s trial. it has footage of him attacking many people.

isnt there 2 hamada trials (punishments)? one is the old one (box), and the other is the musical piece (chair). sorry, dont know which episodes of gaki those were >_>

I remember this scene was in one of the random gaki youtube videos I watched.

However they were all under one user whose account was suspended :S

EDIT: The only thing I remember is the person whose getting attacked by Hamada is this chubby bold woman. I don’t know her name but she was trying to give Hamada a present or something and the rest was just lost in translation.

Either that or I got mixed up with one of the segments shown in 2001’s “Best of 10”.