Hamada Skydiving Batsu Game

Didn’t think it was much of a punishment, people pay a lot of money to enjoy this. Either way, enjoy.


Maybe Hamada was afraid of heights.

Or Hamada wasn’t a thrill seeker.

yeah i think your right…

matsu & hamada have always been doing funny skits but a lot of them were high octain… like in the team fights
and i thought as they are so outgoing & bouncy people they would be big thrill seekers
but both of them are afraid of hights and animals and really insecure i guess


Gaki no Tsukai, Aug. 7, 1990: Hamada 4000 Meter skydive
Hamada lost a bet (Bet aired on Jul. 24, 1990) to Matsumoto, which they predicted who will win the Professional Baseball Series. The Batsu Game for Hamada would be to skydive from a height of 4000 meters above ground.