Hamada Trial, First 10 Minute Subbed

Found this on Youtube and quickly copied it before it disappeared.

“The Switch is On!!”


Awesome, Good work:D

I found the whole trial.No subs

[url=http://tv.rayrac.co.jp/watch?v=14937214:31nwd95s]Part 1[/url:31nwd95s]

[url=http://tv.rayrac.co.jp/watch?v=14937314:31nwd95s]Part 2[/url:31nwd95s]

[url=http://tv.rayrac.co.jp/watch?v=14937481:31nwd95s]Part 3[/url:31nwd95s]

i enjoyed this trial especially the piano notes at the end.

this was great! man i wish the other parts were subbed. I like when matsumoto says its sounds like 8 monkies laughing over there. :lol: