Happy Birthday Iniquiti!!

Happy Birthday Ini!!!

hi ! , i wish you a lot of good moments iniquiti (the health , the money ,the love etc…)

Happy Birthday ini!

Hope the next year is as great as the last.

Try not to get too drunk. ;)

Happy Birthday!! Maligayang bati!!

Double celebration: Ur birthday and… IT’S FRIDAY!! So I’m sure you’ll have a great day. Take care ;)

Happy birthday iniquiti ! ;)

Please accept these presents :P

Take care!!


lol ini…its really cloudy today, and i thought "hmm…weird,yesterday was soo damn sunny, does it means a bad omen??" now i understand why :drunk:

Happy B-day Forum Queen, wish u the best :bow:

Happy Birthday iniquiti…

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Happy Birthday. :)

Happy Birthday Ini!

Maligayang kaarawan Ini!!! :hug:
inuman na!!

hope you enjoy your day!

Aw thank you guys :$

I did end up getting wasted the day before my actual b-day then went bungee jumping on the b-day.

Ilu you all :*

Happy B-day to you! Sounds like you had fun!

Happy b-day ini, we wish you the best of luck ;)