What’s up, fellow Gaki no Tsukai fans? Guess I could start off by saying what a huge fan of Gaki no Tsukai that I am, but, seriously, that’s sorta why we’re here. Anyway, my name’s Hunter–people usually call me "Matt" (that’s my middle name)–but, I’ll answer to just about anything. I got into Downtown after watching Silent Library clips on Youtube and realizing how great the entire situation is. I’m a huge comedy fan and the duo of Hamada and Matsumoto are probably my favorite comedic pair of all time after seeing their bits. The Batsu games came later, once I first saw No Laughing Police, but now I’m hooked for life (or however long I can see Batsu games subbed–I’m not exactly the Japanese linguist you amazing subbers are). Outside of the Gaki no Tsukai that I enjoy watching, I’m, uh, I’m a cook and a dietary aide at a nursing home, and a certified nursing assistant part-time. None of this is really the depressing part it sounds like, though it definitely has its moments.

I’m also hugely passionate about music: I play guitar, and bass, and listen to pretty much any sort of Rock or its sub-genres I can find. Some electronica too. Not important stuff, though. Just wanted to pass along a "hey" to brothers-(and sisters)-in-laughter. Glad to be here.

Welcome you seem like a cool guy!

If you need help finding anything man please ask.

Like "JordansOcarina" said, you’re totally welcome here~, anything you need ask it out! :)

Hey, thanks! I just think it’s pretty far out that I could find an entire forum dedicated to something like this that I enjoy. They’re all so rad. You guys seem cool, too–especially that signature, man. Hamada rocking that toast mask is still priceless! :lol: