Heipo Throbbing Dates

These are all 3 episodes of Heipo’s throbbing dates, with Downtown talk.

Gaki no Tsukai episode 801, Aired on 2006.04.22
(Heipo’s 1st Date) Nishikawa Ayako

Gaki no Tsukai episode 827, Aired on 2006.10.22
(Heipo’s 2nd Date) Nemoto Harumi

Gaki no Tsukai episode 867, Aired on 2007.08.19
(Heipo’s 3rd Date) Carolyn Kawasaki tokimeki

These are so funny.! I thought his apology in Batsu Hospital was the best scene in that game.
Wish someone would sub the 2nd and 3rd episodes. awesomeness.

lol heipo is hilarious. he enjoyed the spankings

Does anyone have the first and second episode in proper quality? I’d really appreciate if someone could upload them to Megaupload :clap:

Maybe this is in fact the first Date:


He’s so slim :shifty:

aaaa i cant watch none of them T.T
MU link please. thanks

Wow… Heipo was so skinny back then, not even 2 decades. D:

Here’s the episodes in Pandora.

Heipo Date 1


Heipo Date 2


Heipo Date 3


hey guys…I’ve just edited this post so you can view the videos again! enjoy =)

mu would be much appreciated :c

could someone please sub these please :)
thank you :D

– 09.01.2011, 17:21 –

http://www.livevideo.com/video/38586b25 … ert-h.aspx
found one :)

Is any japanese-knowing intelligent person able to make a good guess as to what is being said by Heipo during his third apology to Nishikawa Ayako?