Hello all !

Hello !

Well, first excuse me for my poor english, but it’s better than my japanese ^^.

I’m a fan of Gaki No Tsukai team since a few years, I discovered this jewel on a best of video named something like "the 10 best funny videos of internet". And of course, the first one was a scene of Gaki No Tsukai in an episode of Silent Library.
After that, I run to a famous search motor to see other stuff of this team, and then I discovered the BIG part of the greatness Gaki No Tsukai : Batsu Games :-D !
I downloaded them all, first without subtitles but it was still great even if I didn’t understand it all, I became a fan and showed this to my brothers and all my friends. All of them have laughed and demanded more ^^ ! Since, I wait for every end of year for another great batsu game !

And then I found this great forum, with -thank you God !- subtitles for batsu games and a lot of great shows that I didn’t know before.
I especially enjoyed ‘Matsumoto No Reaction Pie Hell !’, the Absolutely Tasty Series and Memory Dance !

So, I want to thank you a lot for all this great stuff, and I will try to participate to this forum because I’m just… a fanatic of this kind of humor ^^.

For my little presentation, I’m French, 26 years old. Of course I love japanese humor, unfortunately here in France we don’t have great tv shows like this (a little french channel tried to import the Silent Library concept, I found it good but not great as the original), so I make a lot of advertising of these shows and hope that one day, Gaki No Tsukai be very famous here ! Actually, there are more french fans than I thought (I found some french subtitles of batsu games), but it’s only visible on internet and we have to search it precisely.

Well, I hope I was not too long, and sorry again for my bad english. Keep the great work, et merci ^^ !

Du bon anglais à la sauce frenchie, j’ai presque deviné que t’étais Français ^^

Bienvenue sur le forum, j’espère que tu passeras du bon temps. Oui, MTV a essayé de reproduire le truc de silent library mais soyons clairs, les européens ou même les américains ne sont pas des têtes brûlés comme les japonais ^^

Fais un tour sur dailymotion et regarde les vidéo "Hard Gay", et dis moi si un truc pareil peut passer sur TF1 ou M6 !

Bonne soirée!

Ah excellent ce Hard Gay, je l’ai vu dans le batsu game du lycée et j’avais vraiment des crampes, quel personnage de fou ^^ !
Mais c’est clair que ça passerait jamais sur une grosse chaîne ici, les Japonais ont définitivement un humour disons plus… large :-D.

En tout cas merci de ton accueil, ça fait plaisir de discuter de ces cinglés qu’on adore avec d’autres gars, à très bientôt sur le forum !

Hi! Welcome!! :)

Hello and welcome to the forum. It’s always great to see new users and people enjoying the show. Most people see the show by accident on youtube and get addicted to the japanese humor :D

Have fun on the forum! :bow: