Hello Gaki No Tsukai Fans!

I’m trying to get into Gaki No Tsukai through this site, which is why I signed up. I’m a huge fan of Denpa Shonen (if you have little known episodes with English subs please let me know), and heard that this show has some similarly amazing moments and also has Yamasaki Housei, who had a short series of his own as part of Denpa Shounen.

If anyone actually reads this, what are episodes that are good to start with? I heard there are 24h tag episodes which sound great but I’m not sure where to find which episodes those are. Thanks.

If you like Downtown’s style of impromptu Manzai, I would start from episode 1.
If you like the current format of the show, I would start from 1998-1999, these are the years when most of the kikaku/series that still air today began, for example the Kiki series began in 1999, also starting from this period the the number of manzai segments began to gradually decrease but you will still find manzai until the first half of 2008.
If you don’t like manzai at all, start from the episodes from the second half of 2008.

If you don’t speak Japanese, well, only a limited number of episodes have been subbed.
I would watch what is available, generally the subbers pick the best episodes when choosing what to sub, so there is little point in scrutinizing over which subbed episodes to watch, maybe you want to watch them chronologically.