[help] funny matsumoto skit

Hey everyone how are you?
I watched it yesterday, it was really funny but not I can’t find it.
It is matsumoto, he is stuck between two buildings and itao and the other comedian are in it too, please can someone help me find it?

and how long did you look before you gave up?

also if you saw it yesterday just check your history.

look for confined space man in the kanji section.

kyon, why didn’t move this thread?

…Were you waiting for me to do the honor to move it to its rightful section that all members should at least already know no matter how new they are because the section titles should be obviously self-explanatory already? =)

actually i had planned to move it all along.

But I read it and decided to scold him, and then I realized what video he was talking about. So I made fun of him and told him where the video was, I can only do so many tasks at once…

Just like now, I can only reply AND be lazy, so once again I can’t move it.

There ya go.