Help me find scene with Matsumoto washing face with eggs (?)

There is this old scene am dying to find! I can’t remember if it was from ダウンタウンのごっつええ感じ (Downtown no Gottsu Ee Kanji) series or not.

The scene starts with a Matsumoto standing in front of a mirror getting reading then somehow has to brush his teeth and wash his face with food (I think it was egg yoke or even pie might have been involved). Hahah. PLEAAAAASE help me find it. There was distinct music playing in the background and Matsumoto has a very I don’t care attitude as though his abnormal routine was normal…if that helps

i think its parody “Detective Story”

original op “Detective Story”

song “Shogun - Bad City”

parody “Wounded Angel”

original op “Wounded Angel”

Yes that’s it! THANKKKK YOU you’re the best, wow! :clap: :clap: