Help with .ass subtitle format

Hi guys,

Over the last couple of years, I have downloaded many of the gaki no tsukai shows with subtitles. However, I have NEVER been able to get the subtitles to work when they are in [b:2ed802qv].ass[/b:2ed802qv] format. They simply won’t appear on the video.

I have always converted them to [b:2ed802qv].ssa[/b:2ed802qv] format (either by using a subtitle converter, or just by changing the extension manually from .ass to .ssa). The problem is when I change the subtitles to .ssa I lose all of the colour coding and more importantly, I lose the positioning of the subs.

I use VLC media player, and I always make sure that the subtitle file and the .avi file have exactly the same name and are in the same folder. I have also tried dragging the .ass file onto the VLC media window when the video is playing but it doesn’t work.

So to sum up, the subtitles work fine in .ssa format but not in .ass format.

On a different note, I have had a problem with video codecs on my computer for two years now, because I can no longer get any avi or any of my DVDs to play in Windows Media Player, which is why I use VLC media player. I have tried to install many different codec packs but this has never worked. [b:2ed802qv]I don’t know if my video codec problem is related to the reason why I can’t get .ass subtitles to work.[/b:2ed802qv]

Can anyone help me to get the .ass subtitles to work? Or could anyone direct me to another site/forum that specializes in subtitles?


BTW, this site rocks!!! :D :D :D

Update your vlc media player that worked for me. VLC got own inbuild codecs and codecs are not for subs so that can’t be your problem.

I’m such an idiot. I’ve had this problem for ages and all I had to do was update VLC.

Subtitles work fine now!

Thanks kokkie :D

No problem.

Hi, Im having a similar problem with the subs losing thier charateristics post conversion. The only difference is that I am burning them to dvd.

I have the dvds so all i do is rip them and reburn them by adding the sub files to the burn. For example, Shibata Breads recent subs (.ass) for the Police Batsu. If I add them in original format I notice that the program says it has 9 or more subtitle streams have been added. Buring it in that form result in Matsumotos subs to be on one stream(Sub2), Yamasaki on another(Sub3), Hamada(Sub4) etc etc…and keeps color and positioning, of course.

If I convert them to say .srt or .ssa and add them to the burn I get one stream but losses its properties. Any suggestions? Is there another subtitle format I should be using? Would renaming the sub file the same as the video file have any effect, as mentioned above?


Oh yea I am using convertxtodvd3 to create the dvds.

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