Hey! Hey! Hey! - Ayumi Hamasaki meets Bobby Ologun (subbed)

Probably the funniest Hey!Hey!Hey episode I’ve ever seen. Bobby is very prone to providing great opportunities for tsukkomi due to his limited Japanese, and the results are hilarious. Enjoy!



That was freaking hilarious!

Wicked good times in this clip. Made my day!

Thanks glitter, thanks alfred_49!


now it makes sense


He’s brilliant…

Loved the clip

I saw this a while ago and really enjoyed it. Makes me want to learn the language that much more…

Kinda felt sorry for bobby, he was trying hard.

i think booby just act ‘stupid’ when actually he’s really good in japanese…

it just like his persona…

Hahahaha wow, that guy is amazing. He’d work amazingly on a batsu game, or a shiti henge.

HAHAHAHAHA, DAmnn, why did i miss the clipXD? That guy is just one funny boxer:D

ah… now I don’t know if its okay to laugh like this… Even though this was really funny he really looked like he was about to cry at one point! Poor Bobby…

anyway thanks for the clip!

Epic video but is their any part2? :drunk:

Really funny :rofl:

Thanks for uploading/subbing!

h :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: reaaaly funny !

any idea about the date it was aired?

it would be nice if someone upload more heyheyhey! episodes, the lastest ones :)

u know what? as im watching the Police Batsu again right now. the black cop that slaps the crew in this batsu looks like it could be Bobby. and no, i’m not saying all black people look the same. but seriously, take a look! is it him?!?!? :?: