Hey hey hey ! XD

Hi everyone~
I’m here for a while, but I didn’t make an intro, so…~
I’m Angelpick, 23, French girl (living in South Of France, near a famous city called St Tropez ^__^) loooove the Gaki since 2007. (I watched the Heyx3 before, but I never noticed it was the same guys XD)

I love watching dramas (a lot of), Jmusic (since 2004, my favorite band for all time is L’Arc~en~Ciel !!!And I LOVE johnny’s also…hehehe ^^)

If you have any questions, feel free~

(PS : I understand english, but I’m not fluent, be indulgent please XD

YOur English is fine Angel.
Nice to see who is behind the nick.

And i guess Ini will be happy that more ppl starts to post on the forums. :)
We have our bunch of drama fans here also.

ahhhh merci!!! , Welcome, hope u like the site and have fun.