Hey there, Positronium here

First and foremost, I’d like to thank all the hard working people on here that are taking time out of their life to sub and upload these for us. These videos are hilarious, I’ve been hooked since early 09 when my friend showed me the Hospital on youtube. Ever since then, I’ve been hunting down more and more clips on youtube, but sadly now they’re taken down. I know it takes a ton of time to sub all these, so to all you subbers, thank you.

My name is Johnny, I’ll be 23 in march 18th. I live in California, and I’m a college student. I do however need a job, so I can get a better computer. This four year old bucket is basically dead. It has this stupid virus that I can’t get rid of, too. But once I do get a job, I can have my friend build me a computer big enough to hold as many Batsu Games as I can get.

I stumbled upon this site from justin.tv, where I was viewing as a fellow fan was streaming. He said this was the site that he gets his videos from, so I had to come running here. I do have a quick question though: Do I need anything else to watch these? He mentioned a whole subbing // hard subbing thing. I’m a bit tech-illiterate (but I have a tech guy for my trouble shooting, who wants to build me a computer; given I hand him the money).

Much thanks to everyone here again for their hard work, and thanks for anyone who can tell me how to watch these videos. I just downloaded the high school one, but it’s an ".ass" file? No idea how to open this. I know this post seems long and jumps from place to place, but it’s 5:32am and I haven’t slept it, so my brain is a bit fried.

Hello and welcome!

The file you downloded is a subtitles file: The subtitles are within it!

You need the video file (.avi) in order to watch the batsu game. You’ll find everything you need in the "Batsu Game" category of the forum ;)

Thanks Kanzaki!