Hi guys ! (from Belgium)

Hello, first of all, English is not my first language, so i can make mistakes. Sorry for that…

My name is Miyase(16), I know gaki no tsukai since 2008. My sister is a huge fan of Japan (she loves the tv-dramas and shows). It’s because of her I met gaki :) I can speak Turkish and Dutch and I’m currently learning a lot of languages at school: English, German and French. I’m interested in the Japanese language, so i learned hiragana, katakana and a lot of kanji. I really try to learn Japanese and exercice by watching their shows and dramas. So what i want to say is: maybe, one day, when I learn Japanese, English, German and French, i can translate a lot of gaki no tsukai videos! :) (I know that there are a lot of French and german gaki fans too)

I wonder if there are people here who know Turkish or Dutch :)

welcome & u can invite ur sister to join this site
Hope u get a lot of fun here.

P.D.- Beware of Mods & Admins

Welcome to gaki-no-tsukai, enjoy your stay here :clap: