Hi there!

A pleasure meeting everyone here.

I’m Rojoneko. I am an anime and manga fan. I’m fascinated by Japanese culture (more on a sense of familiarness). I’m a gamer; holding an ambitious and inventive mind of a future video game designer and developer.

I first saw Downtown No Gaki’s batsu game: 24 hour endurance, 2 years ago by a friend. During that summer I spent most of my time watching segments like Haunted Hotel, No laughing police station, No laughing spring hotel, and another off the top of my head I can’t remember (which was taken down by youtube); and I absolutely loved every second of it. I would love to buy the dvd’s if they had eng subs to help support them in their wondrous work.

I think that’s about it. I’ll edit this later if need be.

I hope to have an enjoyable time here with everyone.

Excellent introduction. A kind and warm hearted welcome from me and enjoy your stay here