High School Batsu - trouble.

Sorry if I’m being a pain, but I need some help.

I’ve downloaded the High School Batsu Game that is inside that torrent with 6 games at once. It’s my favorite (watched it whole at YT), and it doesn’t play here. sometimes I have to use the progress bar to make it work, but when it finally plays, it’s without sound.

Looks like a joke, but isn’t. If you have some ideas, help me. Thank you very much since now.

It may be that you dont have the correct codecs. I would recommend you get the Combined Community Codec Pack. And use the Windows Media Player Classic included as your player from now on.

ok, I’ll get it.

thank you VERY much, man

No prob, hope it works.

BINGO! worked.

It disabled the vobsub, but I think I can do something about it later on