Highschool Batsu Game

I can’t seem to find any subs over the net of the highschool batsu game…if anyone has it, please share it right here and I know I’m not the only one who would be really thankful… :)


The subtitles for the Highschool batsu are on the way, they’re being made right now. More than 90% is finished.

When it will be available we’ll publish it immediately ;)

wow that’s good news! kudos to you guys! you all deserve it… :)

wooo cant wait you guys are amazing

where the substilte ?

[quote:26vyg94b][i:26vyg94b]Originally posted by hackerumas[/i:26vyg94b]
where the substilte ?[/quote:26vyg94b]

… please read the thread. It explains it is currently being worked on.

Im praying for this to finish soon

I’m with you there!

Are you guys going to sub the entire episode? I know that the one that was subbed and put on youtube a long while ago left out a couple of scenes I saw from the non-sub version.

If so, the yay!

i am still waiting for the subtitles… >_<

i see…

hows the subs?

I think we should just forget about it

forget about it? no way! not to mention he just posted and updated file on tehparadox


its not finished but its getting there.

I added it here on the Gaki-no-Tsukai page as well. This site looks great by the way! I’m glad I left it up to Erhan to work on it, much nicer than ANYTHING I could of made!