Horror Shichi-henge: Heipo

Subtitles: None

[b:2dezrznl]Part 1:[/b:2dezrznl]

[b:2dezrznl]Part 2:[/b:2dezrznl]

[b:2dezrznl]Part 3:[/b:2dezrznl]

Here’s the episode in Pandora.


This is brilliant!

is heipo for real lol…

nice 1 =)

Any way to get subtitles for this episode? It’s freaking hilarious… poor Heipo lol

If someone can give me a DDL-link, I’m gonna time it, and ask Big Z to translate it, if time’s gonna allow it.
Don’t get your hopes too high :P.


Episode is timed, prey to the Big God of translation, so that it gets distributed :)!

i thought i saw a supped episode of this on youtube many years ago

ive been waiting litterally years for this to get subbed, saw this when i was back in school!

Can we get a re-upload?