Hospital Batsu game rapping music

Anyone know where they got that from? Its playing when their rapping their duties and policies

would like to know this as well

Haha, I never though someone would like to download such a low-level of rap music :D

Would you like to have it in one file or every rap as an extra file?
I could cut it and convert it to a mp3, in case someone’s interested. (:

I think that’s it, exactly.

OK, I hope it’s alright - I removed the slapping parts and made two versions: one with Yamazaki’s two attempts and one with only the "right" attempt. Please tell me if I messed something up.

Rap full (both of Yamazaki’s attempts included)

Rap with only one attempt

Here is the original song:

is there an instrumental version available??

I’ve looked everywhere for an instrumental…no luck :(
I’d like one though lol