Hospital & Police new color coded subs

so I spent the last night working Shibata’s subs, well to be honest Shibata, I really didn’t like the style you chose I mean don’t get me wrong your subs are amazing and I appriciate all the hard work you put on these subs, so I figured I might add some flavor to subs by adding a new color coded style, I hope you all like this new style :P

p.s remember that all credits for the subs goes to Shibatabread

Download Link: (updated) ... l-subs.rar

Now this is top service- thanks to all who were involved.

glad that you liked it :inlove:

thanks for all ur work. that MU link isnt working for me, can u or someone who has already downloaded upload to a few diff mirrors :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again :flowers:

Here is mediafire link
[url=]Hospital & Police new colored subs[/url:2cx4kcvq]

The files i have, for these two batsu’ are like, 1 file each, but the subs are in two parts? will the subs still work? :s

Had to download the compatible version of the Batsu game but at least now I can understand what they’re saying better. Thanks to both you and Shibata for your effort! :bow:

Can we get a link to the avi version that’s compatible with these subs?

– 12.11.2010, 00:06 –

Disregard my last post didn’t realize they wer in folders. Like the size of the txt more compact to avoid border issues on tv.
But the white border on the members txt kinda off sets the colours, but appreciate the effort :clap: :bow:

this is really good work :slight_smile: Thumbs up…

when i try to use the hospital subs on my MPC it says unkown styles found red and mustard for shadi’s version so it wont play. maybe you used some random text style that isnt common is there a version with normal style texts that is coloured? ty

thanks for the subs.
i’m enjoying this vids thanks to your hardwork. :D

thank you so much! You rock!

Any chance of reuploading these subs ?

cant upload anymore :(

yes sure my friends ... l-subs.rar


can sombody upload this file again?
ive lost the subfile after my hd crash ;(