Hotel Man public relations video's music

First time poster here, although I have browsed for quite some time.

In the Hotel Man batsu game one of the videos they watched that Fujiwara says is a “public relations video”(Introduction to Hotel Video) there is a song that plays in it mainly when Chiaki is featured with her new “old man lover”. Please keep in mind I’m not talking about the song that starts right away.

It specifically starts at 1:19:19 in the video, right after the Princess Hotel sign is shown. I am looking for this song. Does anybody happen to know how I can find it or what it’s called?

EDIT: I COULD cut out this part of the video and upload it to youtube if that makes it easier, but I’m sure everyones got these downloaded.

i search this song too. impossible to find it

Are you talking about Enya’s Wild Child?

so fast infimum!!! that’s the one


Holy shit. Thank you so much infimum! I don’t really check these forums as much as I should so sorry for my late thanks. So glad you know it :D! This is the final song I needed.

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Haha it soundedlike Enya!

I was like "Is that Enya" then I looked through her top songs and couldn’t find a match.