Hotel Man Sub Files


Thank you Alex for once again working hard on this.

As I said in my blog, please let me know if there’s any errors.


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To keep things organized, so I can link this page to the video topic’s thread…

The subtitle file can be downloaded here:

[b:1fsvhipt]Rapidshare mirror:[/b:1fsvhipt]

[b:1fsvhipt]Hotfile mirror:[/b:1fsvhipt]

[b:1fsvhipt]Mediafire mirror:[/b:1fsvhipt]

[b:1fsvhipt]Megaupload mirror:[/b:1fsvhipt] (thanks to OrosaMX)

Thanks again, Shibata & Alex! [/color:1fsvhipt]

Nice. Thanks once more for the great work and care for the subs and the Gaki community. Very appreciated.

Thank you ShibataBread, Alex, and your wife for the hard work. :inlove:

Awesome Shibata! I saw the video on youtube. Once again you are the best!

Amazing Job man :clap:

Shibatabread, Alex You guys are the best! Thanks for all! :clap:

thanks guys alot
you did great jobs

Thank You!!! :kiss:

Well, this is finally done.

Good work everyone, we love you :inlove:

Well, I know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day. Thanks a lot! :)

We’re not worthy
We’re not worthy
We’re scumm

Many many thanks shabata and alex and everyone else that contribute to us, the fans.

Mr.Shibata, you just made my da- nonono…

You just made OUR DAY! ^^ THANK YOU!!!

Oh yes! Thank you so much!!!

Thx again!

THANKS! :D The subs were great! :)

thanks for the great work! really appreciate it!

huwaa… huwaa… huwaa… :lol:

tq tq tq :D for your hardwork shibata, his wife and alex

thx again :clap:

Thanks a lot, nice work :clap:

Thank you so much for all your hard work! Excellent! :D :D :clap:

thanks to shibata and alex your both do great works
and also thanks to your wife