I met Tanaka-san yesterday...

By sheer blind luck, Tanaka-san, Hosshan and another combi whose name I don’t know were filming in Numazu Aquarium yesterday for what I assume is Tanaka’s nature/wildlife show for SBS. I nearly had a heart attack when I realised it was Tanaka himself as I had only gone there with my girlfriend for a day trip. We stayed while they filmed a sequence where the comedians handled unusual deep sea creatures (the audience were also asked if they were interested… I didn’t volunteer!) and I took lots of photographs - I may upload a few to the forum later on.

After the filming finished, Tanaka-san was very gracious with his fans and took the time to chat with them while the staff were getting ready for their next set up. I approached him and shook his hand - he was very surprised to have a gaijin ask to shake his hand! I didn’t however ask to have a photograph taken with him as I felt it would have been a bit rude - so you’ll have to take my word for it :D

I was absolutely thrilled and was really lucky to have met any of the Gaki stars considering how huge a fan I am of the show (and Million Kazoku). Pics to follow!

Awesome!! Too bad, I didn’t get to meet any gaki members during my stay in Japan but obviously you had better luck. Would have liked to see a pic though. I love Tanaka~ :mm:

Waw, you were very lucky! can’t wait for the pictures :D

Ooh awesome! Congrats. That was incredibly lucky. Looking forward to the pictures too. :)

Lucky you, i’m insanely jealous :u:

You’re lucky, it’s a rare chance :) Does he speak any english btw?

Pics or it didn’t happen :smoke: