I need some help/ suggestions

Hi Gaki fans.
As many of you know, the site I use to embed videos to my blog, Veoh, has bit the dust recently (which explains why I couldn’t upload the most recent video clip.)

What video uploading websites would you suggest I use from now on? I just hate to use utube since they like to kill my channel more frequently than I care to.

Any suggestion would be appreciated,


Maybe Megaupload /Megavideo.

The question is, should it be tagged or accurately described to make it easy to find for all. If so, its always risky to be deleted also.

well there are some good vidhosting sites besides youtube, but Im not sure about how they would deal with gnt stuff, if they even care…
[url:pv0oxhte]http://www.vimeo.com/[/url:pv0oxhte] maybe? problem is 500 mb per week, so once its killed…well you know
maybe this can help you a little bit [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_video_services:pv0oxhte]Comparison of Video Services[/url:pv0oxhte] , since I rarly use vid hosting sites. Had my problems with youtube too,because of the music, but had no problem with using myspace video hosting for the same videos,even have the bands i used music from in my friends list :D

I would say Megavideo definitely because they mostly dont delete the videos.

Sigh…Im guessing Megavideo is the place then…Since Veoh went Chapter 7…Hmm…

i don’t think megavideo is a good choice because u cant watch unlimited except u have a premium account.


You can upload up to 1Gb per file on a free account.
Including videos.

Don’t use Megaupload/Megavideo, please. That site is a ripoff.

if you want to watch videos unlimtedly on mega video then turn your medem off then on again and your ip address will change leing you download/watch.


Thats right, but what if you get always the same IP. Some providers will give a lease for more than 1 month, and its bound on the modems/PC’s ID/MAC-Adress. In this case there will be no effect.

Only a suggestion, remember just a suggestion ha.

Does anyone have any hosting with an unlimited plan and access to a VM or dedicated box?

If that’s the case you wouldn’t need to reply on 3rd party hosting as such, could access the VM or dedicated box and set up a site that is purely for yourself ShibataBread or gaki in general.

Just a suggestions, imo it would be the best option, would mean complete control over all content. It could be unassociated with this site too, just to ensure that if ever it is shut down this site would be untouched.

Just a suggestion remember! It’s the way id go around it.

If this idea is chosen I wouldn’t mind lending a hand.

[quote:2n7u5i9i][i:2n7u5i9i]Originally posted by miranmk[/i:2n7u5i9i]
if you want to watch videos unlimtedly on mega video then turn your medem off then on again and your ip address will change leing you download/watch.


it might work if u are the only person in the household but u might need to get later a new router because turning it on/off that often might crash it someday.

Also that wont help if a the full batsu game is uploaded. the limit is 60/50 min what u can watch free and if u reset your router/modem it wont start where u stopped to watch.

@ stealth: I dont think that he will get a own root or virtual server also it is not legal and will cost some money.

I think it might be a try worth to share the videos over torrent.

Yeah Senkun that’s true I guess would be a lot of hassle to set up.

Also in relation to megavideo in university & college networks you can’t carry out a reset unless you have access to the comms room! Even if you did that you’d piss a hell of a lot of people off!

Also sometimes in these network’s you get the limit straight away since everyone is going to be using the same IP under NAT so megavideo is mostly a no go for people under these circumstances.

Torrents are a good idea, sharing the file out with everyone will be a doddle and the hosting will sort itself out since its p2p, although a lot of people enjoy watching these videos embedded on a site so it would be best to find a reliable source for this.