If you were an extra in a no-laughing batsu game...

Would you be able to contain your laughter? Because I sure as hell would not be able to. :lol:

I was watching the hotel man batsu and I saw some extras laughing during the hotel vs hotel game, in which they had to come up with a name of sake. I’ve spotted similar instances of extras laughing throughout the series and I just found this funny. It’s proof that nobody can stay serious through one of those games.

Haha I’ve always wondered what it would be like as an extra. I would probably end up laughing when the others will laugh because their laugh is so contagious, especially Matsumoto :lol: and Yamasaki’s facial expressions!

Have you ever tried to contain your laughter? It’s not easy…I play the ‘serious’ face game with friends and we just burst out laughing straight away

Whenever someone laughs I find myself at least automatically smiling. ^^
And Hamada’s crazy chimp laugh always gets to me. That and the strange fact that everything seems to be 10 times funnier when you’re trying not to laugh.

I always go along with Endo, strange enough. But Hamada’s laugh just gets to me too. I’d definately go out at least as many times as Matsumoto (because he’s always nr. 1 in batsus received)

It would be so much fun to be an extra but I don’t think I would be able to keep a straight face. :rolleyes: I always burst out laughing whenever I play a prank on someone, even if I’m not looking at them. :D

I’m always surprised that many of the extras do keep a straight face. Must be hard.

Yeah, I think everyone has their limits of holding in their laughing… For extras the comedy is not directed towards them, but of course they succumb to the temptation. If I were an extra I would definitely be laughing despite the staff telling me to hold it in. Also with Matsumoto laughing, it would just fuel my laughter. :D

The thing is that they often laugh about japanese comedians or about speaking mistakes. I never get them when I watch it.
But I laugh a lot about when they DO something that makes the others laugh, the visible things, like the woman who hits the “dead people” who actually are the producer and other people. Also I laugh at them laughing :D
But as I said I think I would never get it when they laugh about all the celebritys…

I’m with KiraNatsume. Whenever Fujiwara stutters or forgets his lines, or any other character/extra, I don’t laugh at him, I laugh at GnT laughing at it. And whenever they play the memory card games (with the pictures of Japanese celebs, I assume), I only laugh because of GnT’s reactions.
Eh, different culture, different mind sets.

But bottom line, GnT is awesome.

It kills me to see Matsumoto looking up, mouth open, and tongue out to avoid laughing.

I would laugh my ass off, seriously. I can’t imagine actually participating in a Batsu game.

On some stuff i wouldn’t laugh like Hamadas huh?
What would be critical are Yama and Matsumotos laugh. Yama because of his face and general actions and Matsumoto because his laugh is piercing

the Crown would be always Jimmy (except newspaper wasnt that great), i wish that he returns someday again as a member.

Depends on what kind of an extra i happen to be. If i’m just a part of the crowd then i’m sure i’d be able to keep a straight face (they probably receive a stern word from the higher-ups not to burst out laughing + rehearse a couple of times at least). but if i happened to sit at a table with a bunch of other comedians trading random stories then they probably wouldn’t invite me back for the next batsu.

If I knew Japanese fluently I would probably be laughing at the show. But if you mean if I were to be an extra as I currently am, I would probably be just cracking up at Downtown’s and Cocorico’s reactions to everything.

And here is a funny fact! If I were to be on the receiving end of the punishment and the hit landed on my tailbone as I am leaning forwards, I probably would be ‘‘ouching’’ for quite a while. I’ve actually hurt it on a slide several times as I was a kid because my tailbone is actually quite big in size. But you wouldn’t notice it unless I were leaning forward enough.

It would be hilarious but at the same time id be confused because id have no idea what they’re talking about lol

I’d love to be a punisher.

My initials are DH which stands for designated hitter in baseball. I would volunteer to be Yamazaki’s Designated HittEE in the Chono Slap segment, or generally a substitute for any of the gang if they felt they couldn’t take the punishment. There would be rules of course. I have a few other ideas, but my Japanese friends say I have no sense of humour.

Depends how funny the event going on is… like… if I was there spectating the Hard Gay PE class, I could never hold it in… but then again, there were no spectators there. The part however, where Hamada comes out during graduation, and hits… I THINK Yamasaki?.. more than once?.. I would not be able to hold that in… just right there, front row seat, to seeing him being typical Hamada. xD…

But other times, like when they were being sung to at the Star Wars event (Sha na na na na na na na na sha la di da!)… and the bus events, I could probably do well on, as long as Matsumoto doesn’t laugh, since his laughter is so damn contagious, lol… oh, and as long as there isn’t a guy who in the middle of the skit, limps unexpectedly. I totally did NOT see that coming, and I nearly cried. xD

I wouldn’t want to be one of those spectators, having literally sat perfectly still like they do for 2-3 hours at a High School Graduation Ceremony in Japan for my Senpai was kind of painful. Trying to not laugh would be an even bigger issue, not to mention my brown hair and completely whitey mc white white body composition would make me stick out like a sore thumb.

i dont mind joining it. i just think this should be fun

Well, they know exactly the stuff that will happen, since they most probably practiced it beforehand two or maybe even three times.

Even if our boys know absolutely nothing, not even a general outline of all the events, the extras probably wouldn’t have [i:7letzipv]that[/i:7letzipv] many unexpected reactions.