[IMPORTANT] Board rules for posts and Signatures/Profiles

Not many rules here, please try to search out your topic to prevent double posts and save moderators time. Please try to post in the correct section. And no spam (this is a bannable offense), this includes signatures that advertise self-pofiting links. Also includes links leading to ads that profit you. this is a non profit site that relies on the contributions of the community-- People who translate and post links for no personal gain and is run by management who do not profit from the site itself. We volunteer our own time and money and don’t appreciate others trying to profit from our user-base.

P.S. help us mods keep the board clean of spam by reporting posts.

And learn to understand that all categories’ sections are SELF-EXPLANATORY and you should already know where the thread you are about to post goes.

Due to the amount of members we have in the forum, it has been tentatively decided that the rules should be recognized.

[b:2zjf2j4w]Rules for posting:[/b:2zjf2j4w] [url:2zjf2j4w]http://www.gaki-no-tsukai.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1744[/url:2zjf2j4w]

Regarding signatures, please make sure to keep your image with a maximum of 200pix in height. You are allowed to write/post images of anything in your signature that are [b:2zjf2j4w][color=#FF0000:2zjf2j4w]NOT[/color:2zjf2j4w][/b:2zjf2j4w]:

[list:2zjf2j4w]x linked to anything profitable (the only thing we promote here is Gaki no Tsukai love)
x linked to anything considered, related, or depicting pornography
x insulting (this is more or less the other members’ issue)[/list:u:2zjf2j4w]

These also include the Website area in your profile. Please be conscious of what to write in your profile. Due to the number of spambots in the forum with specific profile informations, certain words/e-mails written/posted (ie: "Crown", "Clown", "Crip" in the Occupation area) will have the user immediately warned or deleted.

Same goes for the signature and website. Again, please report any spams you see or any posts/thread you see that we can legitimately delete.

Anyone breaking the rules will face banishment.

Because majority of you have been putting images in your signatures that are too big and costs a lot of seconds of scrolling down or up, the following signature rule has been implemented (ini made me do this, I’m being beaten up as I make this someoneheeeelp!!—)

[size=150:2mfllgbd][b:2mfllgbd]x [color=#FF0000:2mfllgbd]images posted in signature must be 150px in height[/color:2mfllgbd]
x [color=#FF0000:2mfllgbd] length does not matter[/color:2mfllgbd][/size:2mfllgbd][size=50:2mfllgbd]that’swhatshesaid[/size:2mfllgbd][size=150:2mfllgbd]
x [color=#FF0000:2mfllgbd]DO NOT link your image to any profitable sites[/color:2mfllgbd]
x [color=#FF0000:2mfllgbd]DO NOT put images advertising profitable products[/color:2mfllgbd][/b:2mfllgbd][/size:2mfllgbd]

This is the word of your lord and master, Iniquti. Bow before her and tremble!

PS: all members with signatures over 150px from today on will be ‘warned’.