Intro threads seem to always have awkward thread titles...

Quick? Simple? Cut edge? I’ll try make this as short as possible.

My dad who’s Australian used to work at a bar in Hilton Nagoya and my mum who’s Jap stopped by to have a drink with her lady friends. A cheesy line of "would you like coffee, tea or me?" which sounds as lame as mustard, managed to capture my moms naive Japanese "GAIJIN DAISUKI" heart.

Lived in Nagoya for 9 years, always loved Gaki no Tsukai and it pains me knowing that they don’t show "Batsu Game" regularly anymore.

I’m in Australia now, my name’s Reo, じゃ,

Hello there,

"as lame as a mustard"? Fuck, that’s one uberlame joke I can’t imagine how she did fall for that :D

Anyway welcome to the forum !

PS: That’s one ugly avatar you’ve got there! ^^