IRC channel

Okay, some people wanted an irc channel and I opened one on deltaanime. Thank you Senkun! :flowers:

Edit: The new settings are:
Channel: #gnt

a small info how to register. its like the auth for quakenet.


So i’ve been sitting by my lonesome in the IRC channel for the past few days…

Erhan sometimes drops in and says “Hi” - but those are during times i’m asleep :P

the most either do not know how to use it or they are lazy and just use the shout box.

Yea I joined and Vylen is the only one in here.

Yet, no respone. ;(

Hey guys,

i won’t use the irc server anymore.

– 14.12.2010, 00:07 –

Hello my fellow friends, we have to disable the shoutbox for a while because my webhost can’t or don’t want to handle the load and traffic the shoutbox creates. I think we will switch back to IRC and to the Java IRC Client like before but on an other IRC Server. The old one was down frequently and lost its channel settings etc. Give me some days and we will have something ready for the next Batsu. :hug: :hug:

Since the previous message is old, nobody’s gonna read it. I’m replying so the post will go up and appear to everybody.

How about rizon? I’m always on it.

The IRC Channel is back! :)

The clients settings are the following:
Channel: #gnt

it’s empty no one is connected XD

nice try … it may get crouwded during the batsu

nobody connect, i had to talk myself so many times that i hate myself ;(

Hope ppl read this topic and get there soon.