Is there a rule against discussing "future" batsus?

I’d just like to know. I’m not mad or anything but my other thread got deleted. If there isn’t then can’t we speak freely?

Blame it on me. I didn’t delete it, simply moved it in the Archive area.

First, either you didn’t read my request to resize your signature or did and ignored it (why? because it’s seriously wasting a lot of scrolling space and most threads that aren’t in the General Section are already long enough). Second, I try to be adamant about no-double posting (from previous threads that I hope half of the 8k+ members should have come across to) and you did which leads us back to the first one. Third, I already stated that discussing the next batsu this early is going to lose the spark when we have a much more active discussion about it 1-2 months prior to the actual batsu date – let’s not forget a possible thread or two asking the same question again. Fourth, speaking freely in the internet? Of course. But I also get a say about how I feel about having my requests ignored…

Sorry if you didn’t see my posts in bold large fonts because I don’t want to make it seem like I’m demanding it to happen. Except when I moved it to the Archive, then, um yeah I had no choice.

honest mistake. if i could go back and see my thread I would’ve re-read it. i read the last few posts and comment on those. I’m stepping in here a Gaki lover like anyone else, regular user or mod. No hard feelings <3 Will change sig asap ^.^