Itao Presents: Don't Get Aroused 01, 02, 03 and Sub Files

Hi all.
Check out the new small series that I started subbing.

[url=]Don’t Get Aroused 01[/url:wysjycj0]

[url=]Don’t Get Aroused 02[/url:wysjycj0]

[url=]Don’t Get Aroused 03[/url:wysjycj0]





Mega upload:

And Sub File (Thanks Alex for merging three sub files)

Thanks everyone for their support.


holy**** shibata, one of my all time favorite episodes! Once again thanks!

Ahh YES I love this clip.
Thank you so much Shibata, where would we be without you? : D

Thanks Shibatabread!

Thank you ShibataBread! :lol:

Is there a chance you can upload the file you upload to youtube to a direct download filehoster?
You know your source already isn’t that crispy and youtube converts it again (reducing the picture quality once again).
I’d even be happy if you only posted the link in the youtube vid descriptions (to not lose views) instead of directly here.

(uhm… maybe also make a single file available once you finished all parts? ;) )

Good job once again (also on the podcasts!).

PS: Maybe you should remove "01" from the topic and post all further parts also in here ;)

Thank you ShibataBread :D
Looking forward to the next part ~

not as popular as the no-laughing sereis.

I love itao’s strange kind of humor! :bow:

hahaha, #@%^@#^ awesome! Damn, they should make a new year batsu out of this:D

Thanks shibata

I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. Yeah, this should be the batsu for the next game with all sexy teachers like that instead of the S&M gang.

Hah, this is great! How many parts is this?

this was to weird for me…

But great work shibatabread !

man i really glad this is subbed. because i had seen it unsubbed but couldn’t figure out why they were getting punished. now it makes perfect sense. Thanks a million Shiba family! :clap:

Bump for 02 of the hilarity.

Thanks for the bump, but my neighbors came looking why i was watching my porn so loudly… :sweat:

Thank You ShibataBread!!! =D it’s so much more funnier with the Subtitles, Keep up the good work, much appreciated!! =)

So funny. Any chance of getting the raw and sub file for download? I like to archive all this stuff

Last bump, I promise.

Thank you very much for the subs, Shibatabread! cheers! :clap: