[j-tv]King of Chair - Where to get all eps[w/ Yamasaki]

Just wondering if anyone else has heard of this show, and if they have, if they have, or know of where to get the episodes and more specifically the ones where Yamasaki(Housei) is in them. i have a bunch of the episodes, and a bunch more lined up, they can be found on the H!O tracker, but am not sure if H!O has the ones with Yamasaki. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

and yes, i did a quick search, nothing came up for "king of chair" so here i am :stuck_out_tongue:

The group c episode with yamasaki thats a bit hard to find, The final episode has yamasaki in it aswell but that video is easily acessable.

Sorry about the chinese subs, best i could find.

https://mega.co.nz/#!QUJ3RSyC!WZoJujTg1 ... bsVVniryH8