japanese drama called Life

i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get the series online with the english subs at its a show called LIFE its about school bullying…i seen it youtube and other sites but some are either missing episodes and i wanted to know if anyone knew where i can get the whole series…i looked on torrent sites but no luck.

Thats a tough one. D-addicts only has the RAW torrent or spanish subbed torrent. Searching “LIFE” is a nightmare, as there is almost no way to revise it to that specific show without omitting possible results. There is a Hong Kong dvd set with english subs - but you risk a bot-made subtitle :blink: . Buy at your own risk :pinch: lol. At least its only 20+ dollars as opposed to the 200+ Japanese version.


I remember that I’v watched Life on Megavideo back at the time.
Exellent drama tho.
If you’re searching for it with french subs, I can provide all the MU links.

i remembered when i was checking out justintv in Mighty_Kashi’s channel, he/she was streaming the series, i only managed to watch the last 4 episodes… and it was with english subtitles… a bit creepy, but cool story…


if you want to ask him/her if he can provide you a copy/link or whatever…