Johnny's Special [English Subbed]

[BNS][JE] Heyx3 Johnny’s Special
Production Number: 116
JE Cast: SMAP, V6, Tokio, Kinki Kids, Tackey & Tsubasa, Arashi, NewS…
Date Released: 2007/08/10

Team Members:
translator: jihyeness, NEWShFAN
timer: countrypanda
reviewer: jihyeness, RedTurtle
qc: RedTurtle, sosweet56
karaoke: Yelsha
hardsubber: countrypanda

Subtitles: English



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hi, thanks for the upload.
however, did you know that the avi’s are corrupt

thank you! i think i never saw this one :)

thanks so much for this but do u kno where i cud get the second part?

thank u