Kiki 02 - Tea (subbed)

Just finished this one, enjoy!
Download link on my blog.


YT coming soon

LOL I love this series, thanks zurui!!! :rock: :rock: :rock:

This is the first one that I’ve seen with winners in them! Really awesome! :rofl:

I really wanna watch this one! Could not access VEOH, Fileserve hates me :( Could somebody provide Megaupload link? Pretty please :$

Wow, Endo just destroyed that challenge.

You are unbelieveable zurui a one time wonder thanks :inlove:

love kiki series. tnx

At 5:15, is Tanaka cheating?

can you post a download link? thankss XD

[quote="runningwild":2syc3jkl]At 5:15, is Tanaka cheating?[/quote:2syc3jkl]

hahaha… i don’t think so, he totally doesn’t seems like that kind of person and there also isn’t any benefit for him to help matsumoto.

now… maybe though he unintentionally tried to help him because they’re friends or because it’s common human behavior to be honest - what i’m trying to say is: If you don’t concentrate 100% on not giving away information in a situation like this, it just might slip out anyway through your body language - you know, just like you’ve probably seen in "Lie to me" or similar stuff, where one would lie by answering a question with yes but at the same time shaking his head sidewards like he wanted to say no. :D

Is there any way you could upload the .srt or .ass file only? That way if we downloaded the unsubbed version previously we could just download the 50kb sub file instead of having to redownload the whole episode for just the subs.

if it is possible thanks.

thanks a much


New Link :)
Subbed Version.
Have fun watching ;)



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Kiki Series 2 - Tea.avi (70.1 MB)!acxADSqR!IOM23we7i ... ckjcnK6dOc

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