Kiki 11 - Instant rice (subbed)

Download links on my blog as usual. Enjoy!


YT coming soon

Another one for the mini kiki series marathon tonight with my family!Thanks a bunch as always Zurui!

Zurui, you rock.

All hail Zurui-sama

you are tha Man ZURUI!

Thanks Zurui

Wow! Thanks!

many thanks

Splendid! Thanks alot!

One of the bests so far. Yamasaki cuing the guys to say his line for them, and Matsumoto failing his party on the first one with a "This is similar" got me good. xD

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Kiki Series 11 - Instant Rice.avi (256.3 MB)!rJAlmZaQ!c2PQzkObK ... 42M-Gvfbwk

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