Kiki 12 - Yogurt (subbed)

Thanks to SSSI for this one. DL link on my blog as usual


YT coming soon

love me some kiki series ty zurui

Can upload to megaupload link?? fileserve got abit of problem… =(

Good work SSSI,
keep it up!

Love these episodes Mr Z!

Thanks so much for bringing them to us!!

Yamasaki was soooo close!!!

cheers zurui

Thanks SSSI and zurui! Haha, loved how Hamada tried to get the answer from Matsumoto :stuck_out_tongue:

[b:2jvxih0w]Download from color=#d11e00:2jvxih0w[/color:2jvxih0w] :[/b:2jvxih0w]

Kiki Series 12 - Yogurt.avi (271.6 MB)!TAZGyZRT!VQvXYTfGj ... S3wr5aciZI

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