Kiki 15 - Instant Miso Soup (subbed)

Thanks to echie for subbing this. DL link is on her blog:


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that has gotta be the worst batsu out of the lot… omg haha.

Thanks for the sub!!

hey… sometimes u gotta take what u can get. hehe.

Z Team, thx as always :rock:

As always zurui thank you :hug:

great great great!!! Thank you ;)

This batsu is the best…Well in my point of view. XD

It was hilarious ! :rofl:

Awesome work [b:3dff340q]echie [/b:3dff340q] :clap:

Very funny! GOOD WORK!

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Kiki Series 15 - Instant Miso Soup.avi (270.6 MB)!WUpUiIqB!KbTAFE2zx ... Hx1Q0TfsiA

[color=#d11e00:295d7zcf][b:295d7zcf]Complete Kiki Series :[/b:295d7zcf][/color:295d7zcf] viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5210

quite funny how Yamazaki actually said, "[b:38aiuide]Terima Kasih[/b:38aiuide]" [lit. [i:38aiuide]"Thank You" in Malay/Indonesian[/i:38aiuide]] - I wonder if he ever been to one of the countries? He did mentioned in [b:38aiuide][u:38aiuide]Kiki Toothpaste[/u:38aiuide][/b:38aiuide] he travelled ([i:38aiuide]abroad[/i:38aiuide]) a lot