KiKi Lemon Tea (subbed)

Hi Everyone,

This is another Kiki clip that I subbed.
Hope you will like it!



eChie’s back, yuhuuu :P.
Thought already you had some other plans, don’t you :D?

Thanks eChie :clap: Can’t get enough of them.

Thanks for subbing this, eChie!

removed already…T-T

thanks but its dead, can you re-up it?

Until I can get it back up on YT, here is the PL link

[b:2fgjx45q]Download from color=#d11e00:2fgjx45q[/color:2fgjx45q] :[/b:2fgjx45q]

Kiki Series 16 - Lemon Tea.avi (291.5 MB)!KcBXVSLK!RZALrxD0T ... dVxAje13wQ

[color=#d11e00:2fgjx45q][b:2fgjx45q]Complete Kiki Series :[/b:2fgjx45q][/color:2fgjx45q] viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5210