Kill Bill Parody (Tanaka)

Title says it all; Kill Bill (parody) starring Tanaka Naoki.





nice ending… :D

naisho de… LOL

I saw this old parody of Tanaka doing a Kill Bill Parody a while back posted here in this forum. It turns out Black Gaki finally subbed this hilarious skit! Enjoy:

i believe this was already posted on another thread. i know i saw it before and im 96.33% it was on this site.

either way. its funny. Kill Bill’s were great movies.

Yes, it was [url=]here[/url:2zcpl0pj], though this version is subbed. And it’s amazing, I might add. :D

Hey there … I uploaded the video (.mp4) to megaupload (in any case the youtube video gets erased!)


The subs (I know there is a section for the subs, or better, I should have zip the video with the subs but I forgot and I can’t post in the subs section anyway) :




rule of thumb, if tanaka is in it; ini has probably posted it.

she’s… a little obsessed… shhh, don’t tell her i said that.

Kyon, ssh! That is totally not entirely true! Wait… did that even make sense?

I so do not watch Tanaka getting busted for laughing, falling on his ass, act dorky gay, and become the subject of bully within the group of GnT.

So do not :scared:

ahahaha ! not bad tanaka, not bad :clap:

hehehe loved it :clap:

That sounds great, maybe it can be reuploaded sometime. ^_^

I really want to see this! Can somebody reupload it please? :D