Kiss Game

[b:26vtmcng]Matsumoto the Technician - Kiss Game[/b:26vtmcng]

Subtitles: None yet.

See veoh link below

I found this version with slightly better picture quality,but still no subs.

It’s the corridor kiss challenge.

[url=]Kiss Game[/url:3egxsny9]

Here’s the episode in Pandora.



So Funny :D

download link plzzz … 6.mp4.html

New Download link :) RAW (untranslated ) version but still fun to watch :)
Also Kiss game is number 4 in Technician Challenges :)


Sadly both download link don`t work ;(

Does anyone know what Matsumoto asks at the start that they all raise their hand to?

RAW version
Have Fun Watching.


Download :