Konichiwa :D Hachikô the french girl is here :)

Hi everyone ! :D

So I’m Hachikô and I’m from France ! (You know, a little country between Spain and Germany, and ruled by a dwarf named Sarkozy)

Anyway xD I’m a girl (But can’t prove it, sorry :p) and I’m trying desperatly to be funny :confused: Haha. Well I’m REALLY sorry if my english isn’t good… But it seems that French aren’t good in English :stuck_out_tongue: So I apologize :)

I’m a Gaku Tsukai lover, and I really love the Cocorico & Downtown :) (And Endô is SO HOT ! :inlove: )

So… If you have any questions, I’m open :)

Good night watching Gaki :D


Hachikô, désolé mais tu vas devoir prouver que t’es une fille :lol:

En espérant que tu te plairas dans le forum, si tu as besoin de quelque chose n’hésite surtout pas^^

Kanzaki, t’es un mec toi je le sens xD

Merci beaucoup en tout cas, je pensais pas voir des têtes tricolores dans le coin :D

Bienvenue Hachi-Chan :) !

Welcome to GNT forums.

こんにちはHachikô-san. Lol I hope all of that is right. :D Google Translate don’t fail me now!

Bienvenue Hachi-Chan !!

Merci tout le monde ! Thanks Everybody !

so "Hachiko" is your real name ? if yes then I believe you’re a Japanese living in france? :P

anywayz, welcome aboard ;)

Sacrebleu!!! a wave of french fans have arrived lately , Nice

Welcome & Enjoy da GnT Fever :rock:

Welcome. Hope with your presence will make this site even more merrier. :D

Bonjour à toi ! (oui oui, je suis française, moi aussi XD)
Amuse toi bien ici :D (mon anglais aussi est pourri je te rassure XD)

Ahahaha angelpick ça va je me sens moins seule !
Thanks to the others !
No my real name isn’t Hachikô, but my friends nicknamed me like a character in the manga "Nana" ^^ no my real name is… Weird xD

Welcome to GNT Hotel. Hope you enjoy your stay :)

Thanks Vortex :)

Soit la bienvenue :) (Quoi que je suis assez nouveau au board itou)
Des beau bonjours du Québec

Merci Naxel :D