Kyojo ~2020 New Years SP Drama ☆ Takuya Kimura

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Happy New Years 2020 from all of us at J-addicts!
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We have a great J-drama to share with you all for the start of the new years.
Kyojo ~2020 New Years Special Drama ☆ Takuya Kimura ... akuya.html

Kimichika Kazama/Takuya Kimura is a senior instructor at the police academy. He knows his stuff well, is calm as an instructor and has great charisma. He has his team’s best interest at heart and, despite his strictness; he is well admired by all. The curriculum is tough and there is no guarantee of graduation. His pupils are always under the gun to do well and succeed. They feel pressure having to follow his strict rules and having anxiety about being kicked out of the academy. How many students will be graduate among the 90 students? What is the real purpose of Kimichika giving hardship to his students?

Warm sincere wishes for a prosperous 2020 from all of us at J-addicts!