Kyoufu no Kyochan

A parody of Obake no Q-taro by Matsumoto.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Dammn…Matsumoto should make the next SAW movie. His mind is sick xD

WOW. That was seriously twisted :D

I can’t help thinking Kyo-chan’s legs are Matsumoto’s because of the color :P

Loved the 2 episode, a litle revenge on Hamda.

– 25.02.2011, 18:32 –

Anyone that downloaded those episodes whit english subs?
I need to start doing that. :)

Aw no, just when I thought I had found a source. I’ve been searching for Kyoufu no Kyochan episodes for a while now, and I can’t find any traces of the show anywhere anymore on the internet. Youtube has taken them down, and the megavideo (I think they are megavideo) links no longer work since megavideo doesn’t exist anymore, and no one is seeding the show on torrents.

Does anyone have these videos of these animations? All my searches of the show has ended in failure. ;(

I honestly have no idea what this show is supposed to look like, but could this be what you’re looking for?


Giffan, that is the show I’m looking for! Thank you so much!