Last One Subbed!!

Thank you to everyone who’s visited my blog, Youtube, or veoh pages over the past months.

See you soon!


Shibatabread!! YOUR AWESOME! I am looking forward to your sub on 2009 batsu game.

thank u so much man ! u’re definitely amazing


Is it the last part?

Thanks for the subs! :D

I guess you’re gonna take a rest from all this… if you come back to subs, please ask us what video we want subbed (probably the bus tour series :D)

Thanks again for your efforts, we love you ;)

god I soooo love ur avatar man,it makes me wild

I almost cryed :] Thank you Shibata, for your hard work!

thanks many thanks wiating for this for a long time
when are we able to download the sub?

[quote:ibv1nxi7][i:ibv1nxi7]Originally posted by ShibataBread[/i:ibv1nxi7]
Thank you to everyone who’s visited my blog, Youtube, or veoh pages over the past months.

See you soon!


thanks you just made my day. :)

amazing work m8. thanks for everything

Thanks for your hard work Shibata. A great Sub again as always :) I’m will be happy to see your future projects here also. :)

Shibasan… words don’t sum up awesomeness that you’ve been. so i’ll just say a big THANK YOU to you and yours. and u definitely gave us a taste of the japanes culture. thanks bro!

and on more thing, if we ever cross roads. i’ll take you and your wife out to a nice dinner. and i don’t mean that in weird way. thx agin from dalllas texas

Thank you for your hard work. :D

A big THANK YOU for your hard work :D arigato :D

Ah, the awaited scenes! Thanks so much for the subs (all of it)! I’m so glad I stalk your blog.

Shibatabread u totally rock UFFFOOOOOO

Just a suggestion for those of you who aren’t satisfied with the streaming quality, you’re able to download the video files from Veoh in a lot better quality .avi format. I’m in the process of doing this now :)

Thanks for all the hard work, Shibatabread.

Thanks for subbing this!

Thank you so much for your hard work… seriously, I’ve been in the Fansubbing side of the string and it’s not easy at all, specially when you’re subbing something of this lenght.

Work is appreciated, looking forward to your next subs (if there’s the possibility)

Thanks. Will we be able to download the sub file soon?

That was one enormous job and you did it well. Thanks, ShibataBread!