Let's Make an Ugly Calendar!!

Hello everyone, in this episode, the boys and their crew decide to make a calendar, but the catch is, each person will have to endure something unpleasant and the best reactions will be captured for the calendar. Enjoy.


One of my favorite episodes! Haven’t seen this for a while, thanks for the post! ;)

Another of those:“Needs to be subbed” episodes :D
Thanks for posting!

I love how they wear tuxedos for something like this lol.

Hamada’s was the best… so funny!

[FONT=comic sans ms][size=134:100c0g4t][color=indigo:100c0g4t]I’ve been looking for this one everywhere and now that I’ve found it, my country is banned by Veoh -.-’ freakin annoying… :( Can someone please be a dear to download it from Veoh and upload it on mediafire or something please please please??[/color:100c0g4t][/size:100c0g4t][/FONT]



[FONT=comic sans ms][size=134:3r4re9ni][color=darkred:3r4re9ni]THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D :D :D[/color:3r4re9ni][/size:3r4re9ni][/FONT]

Heipo looks really good (as in young and fit) in this!

Here’s the episode in Pandora.


does anyone know the episode number/date? is it 1998.11.29?

Thanks for the video! ^^D

Very great!
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